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Akhirnya pelatih tim nasional Indonesia U-19, Indra Sjafri, sudah menentukan sebanyak 23 pemain yang akan dibawa ke Piala Asia U-19, di Myanmar, Oktober mendatang.

Tim Garuda Jaya -julukan Timnas U-19- saat ini bermaterikan 26 pemain. Alhasil, ada tiga pemain yang harus dicoret dari skuat. "Sebelumnya, kami sudah tahu persis siapa tiga pemain yang dieliminasi dari 26 pemain. Sebenarnya, diumumkan baru pada 30 September, terkait 23 pemain terbaik untuk Piala Asia nanti," kata Indra Sjafri.

Indra juga mengaku sangat bersyukur karena anak-anak asuhnya dapat menjalani pemusatan latihan di Spanyol dan beruji coba melawan Valencia B, Atletico Madrid B, Real Madrid C, dan Barcelona B.

"Banyak pelajaran yang kami petik. Pemain muda memang sudah seharusnya mendapat banyak uji coba dan bermain melawan tim dengan level lebih tinggi," tuturnya.

Berikut 23 nama pemain Timnas Indonesia U-19 yang dibawa ke Myanmar:
Ravi Murdianto (kiper) Putu Gede Juni Antara (bek) Febly Gushendra (bek) Mahdi Fahri Albaar (bek) Muhammad Fatchurohman (bek) Evan Dimas Darmono (gelandang) Muhammad Dimas Drajad (penyerang) Muhammad Hargianto (gelandang) Dinan Yahdian Javier (gelandang) Muchlis Hadi Ning Syaiful (penyerang) Hendra Sandi Gunawan (gelandang) Moch Diky Indriyana (kiper) Muhamad Sahru; Kurniawan (bek) Ricky Fajrin Saputra (bek) Maldini Pali (gelandang) Hansamu Yama (bek) Paulo Oktavianus Sitanggang (gelandang) Rudolof Yanto Basna (bek) Zulfiandi (gelandang) Ilham Udin Armauyn (gelandang) Ichsan Kurniawan (gelandang) Rully Desrian (kiper) Septian David Maulana (penyerang)


She’s intelligent, intelligent and, yes, wonderful. The new Mrs Clooney-Alamuddin may be the more exciting of the several.

George Clooney’s new spouse, Amal Alamuddin, may be switching leads and establishing tongues wagging in Venice, The show biz industry and beyond but she’s no arm sweets. Those in the worldwide sectors in which they journey say Clooney is fortunate to have her.

Born to Lebanese Druze mom and dad in 1978 during the size of the Lebanese Municipal War, she and her close relatives remaining for London, uk when she was two decades of age. Her mom, Baria Alamuddin, is an award-winning reporter and international manager of the pan-Arab paper, Al-Hayat, while her dad is a outdated lecturer from United states University of Beirut.

Alamuddin analyzed law at both NYU’s Law University and at Oxford, where she gained her level in 2000. While at NYU, she was a university student law worker on the U.S. Judge of Is attractive for upcoming Superior Judge Privileges Sonia Sotomayor, and later clerked for three decades at the International Judge of Privileges.

She has since become an achieved and energetic individual rights attorney.  In London, uk, she has used at the Doughty Road Compartments company and showed companies WikiLeaks creator Julian Assange and former Ukrainian Primary Reverend Yulia Tymoshenko. She has proved helpful in the Workplace of the District attorney at the UN Unique Tribunal for Lebanon and at the International Legal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia.

She has also been an hired to several UN sections, where she has served as an consultant to former UN Secretary-General Kofi Anan on Syria and was advice on the 2013 query into the use of U.S. equipped drones in counter-terrorism functions in locations like Pakistan, Somalia and Yemen.

This season, after the newest Israel-Gaza war, she was allegedly welcomed to be a part of the UN’s percentage analyzing possible war criminal offenses in Gaza, but converted down the consultation.

“I am recognized to have obtained the provide, but given current responsibilities — such as eight continuous situations — unfortunately could not agree to this part,” she said in a declaration at time. “I wish my co-workers who will provide on the percentage bravery and durability in their efforts.”


Amal Alamuddin, the London, uk attorney whose close relatives left Lebanon's municipal war, was operated into the positions of The show biz industry great community last night at a party in Venice to enjoy her awaiting marriage to George Clooney.

The several were to hold a huge marriage celebration in the Aman Resort, which consumes a centuries-old palazzo on the financial institutions of the Grand Tunel, where they were to return wedding vows informally.

Clooney was predicted to brush down Venice's most popular river in a procession of h2o cabs, along with excellent buddies such as He Damon, Cindy Crawford, Kaira Pitt, John De Niro and Bono and Ali Hewson. Tv teams and press photography lovers photographers from all over the globe covered the financial institutions of the Grand Tunel, jostling for place along filter rock routes as engine releases and h2o cabs churned past.

The celebrity of The Typical monuments Men and Good Night and Good Fortune was in a nice feelings, delivering a container of his own product of bourbon to reporters outside his five-star hotel, the Cipriani. "Don't consume it all at once!" he laughed.

For 36-year-old Ms Alamuddin, who was created in Lebanon but came to England with her close relatives as a child, it was a far cry from Doughty Road Compartments, the barristers' office where she works in London, uk.

The Aman Resort consumes the 15th-Century Palazzo Papadopoli, which has organised the lotion of Venetian community for hundreds of years.

But it was surprisingly not quite huge enough for the Oxford-educated attorney, who allegedly requested a shipment of oil artwork, tapestries and vintage furnishings to make just the weather she desired for the occasion.

Clooney, who has gone out with a long line of starlets and celebrities, had promised never to remarry after his first marriage led to divorce in 1993.

But even Superstars modify their thoughts, and the acting professional and home had ready a special musical show honor for his soon-to-be-wife, choosing a sequence group and jazz music group to amuse more than 100 visitors with a medley of loving oldies, from Nat Master Cole's When I Fall in Love to Smoking Gets in Your Sight.

Guests, such as the United states celebrity Ellen Barkin and Fashion manager Ould - Wintour, were to be amused with a marriage reception in the lawn of the palazzo, followed by supper in the main cusine area.

They were to be provided by hotel employees whose outfits carried the initialed or monogrammed AG, for Amal and Gretchen.

The high-powered several will officially tie the troubles on Thursday, with a municipal wedding in Venice's decorative, centuries-old city area, a few actions away from the popular Rialto Link.

The couple met through their distributed attention in individual privileges. Mr Clooney has taken a particular attention in the disorder in Darfur, while his future husband has showed Yulia Tymoshenko, Ukraine's former pm, at the Western Judge of Human Rights, and Julian Assange, the WikiLeaks creator.

With Venice washed in heated autumn sunlight from when the couple came on Saturday, the World Lifestyle city could not have put on a better show.

Ms Alamuddin was described as "a little bit Audrey Hepburn, a little bit Jacqueline Kennedy" as she popular Venice from the back of a engine release known as 'Amore'.

While she remained at the Aman Resort, her groom-to-be experienced lunchtime at the Resort Cipriani around its tremendous diving share area, one of the very few to be found amongst the crowded pieces and alleyways of the lagoon city.

For all the charm and charm of the occasion, some Venetians were unfazed by the intrusion of The show biz industry A-listers.

"It won't modify much for us," said Ivano, a 45-year-old gondolier who expenses visitors €80 for a half-hour drive on his gondola, as catering services unloaded designs, food and other provides from boats at the Aman. "I assume it's excellent for the picture of Venice."

Gondoliers grumbled that, with vessel lots of press photography lovers following the several wherever they went, the routes were churned up into a uneven blunder.

The city is acquainted, after all, to popular brands - from Napoleon who snuffed out the Most Peaceful Republic's 1,000 years of freedom, to more latest routes such as Paul Hemingway, Peggy Guggenheim, Gretchen Wayne and Johnson Mann, in addition to the a multitude of celebrities who celebration down the red rug every season during the movie event.

The The show biz industry intrusion was like "an hippo asking for around in a Murano cup shop," as one regional put it.

"If they really desired to have a private marriage, why did not get they go off to the Himalayas or somewhere like that? Anywhere but Venice," one dissatisfied Venetian informed a regional stereo place.

Vianello Fausto, the owner of a pizzeria on the financial institutions of the Giudecca canal, said: "Let's wish Clooney's existence helps bring a excellent quality of vacationer here. We have too many day-trippers, who wear tiny outfits that reveals off their mid-riffs and have no regard for Venice's culture and art."

Others, however, were more passionate about the appearance of Clooney and his coterie of The show biz industry buddies.

Having the acting professional and his wonderful new bride scrambling about the city in smooth engine releases had assisted Venice take its thoughts off an "annus horribilis" in which the town's gran was compelled to step down over a large crime scandal relating to the building of an committed overflow protection plan.

"Let's make him an honorary ambassador. In fact, let's make him a Soldier of the Peaceful Republic," said an article in La Nuova di Venezia, a regional paper.

"In an annus horribilis for the city of doges, Gretchen Clooney has put Venice under the look of the whole globe, developing an picture of the city very different from that of the crime scandal."



Sobat Liluku, gimana masih penasaran dengan video hubungan intim RINADA dan YUREL, RINADA mengenakan baju PNS Bandung saat melakukan hubungan intim tersebut.

Dibalik cerita panas video hubungan intim RINADA dan YUREL yang menggemparkan seantero negeri ini, ternyata ada cerita lain dibalik pembuatan video hubungan badan antara RINADA dan YUREL. Ternyata RINADA dan YUREL sempat bertengkar setelah melakukan hubungan intim gara-gara RINADA tidak setuju hubungan intim mereka direkam dalam video.

"Saya minta rekaman itu jangan sampai disimpan, janjinya dia setelah selesai hubungan intim akan langsung dihapus. waktu itu saya kecapean dan saya tidak ingat lagi, pada saat itu saya ke rumah dia untuk menghapus rekaman itu," ujar Rinada.

Saat mencoba untuk menghapus rekaman tersebut, ungkap Rinada, ia terlibat pertengkaran dengan Yurel. Dia menduga Yurel tak mau rekaman hubungan intimnya dihapus.

"Saat itu sempat terjadi saling pukul antara saya dan Yurel, mungkin dia tidak mau rekaman itu dihapuskan. Tapi saya tetap bersikukuh rekaman itu harus dihancurkan, karena saya takut rekaman hubungan badan saya tersebut tersebar ke publik," kata dia.

"Saya sendiri juga tidak merasa mengoleksi rekaman itu, tidak merasa menyimpan untuk koleksi pribadi, karena saya tidak suka dengan rekaman seperti itu, apalagi rekaman hubungan badan yang saya lakukan. Saya sudah berupaya menghancurkan rekaman itu," beber Rinada.

Semetara, Yuri Astrada (31) alias Yurel, mantan suami Rinada mengaku, perekaman adegan hubungan intimnya tersebut dilakukan tanpa ada paksaan. "Kami melakukannya tanpa ada keterpaksaan, sadar melakukannya sebagai kepuasan pribadi dan untuk konsumsi pribadi," kata Yurel, Rabu 17 September.

Yurel menjelaskan, termasuk salah satu adegan saat Rinada diikat tangannya itu merupakan improvisasi dan ide bersama bukan karena dipaksa. "Soal ikat itu memang bagian dari skenario. Itu ikat rambut yang saya kaitkan di tangannya, lalu dia improvisasi dililit-lilit. Ide-ide kita saja, termasuk ketika RINADA mencium bra-nya sendiri" jelas Yurel.



Sobat Liluku, kali ini saya akan berbagi tips yang mungkin anda butuhkan yaitu membuat direct link download dari file yang anda simpan di Google Drive. Seperti kita ketahui, google drive tidak menyediakan direct link (contoh direct link ada di artikel DOWNLOAD SAMBUTAN MENDIKBUD PADA UPACARA HARI KESAKTIAN PANCASILA 2014) pada aplikasi google drive yang mereka sediakan, tetapi bukan berarti kita tidak bisa membuat direct link dari blog kita terhadap file yang kita simpan di google drive.

Sebenarnya google drive sendiri sudah menyediakan fasilitas download pada viewer google drive mereka, tetapi mungkin ada diantara anda yang tidak menginginkan untuk membuka file tersebut melalui google drive viewer, melainkan mendownload langsung melalui direct link.

Ada dua cara untuk membuat direct link dari google drive, ok mari kita bahas dari cara yang pertama,


Ini adalah cara manual membuat direct link download dari google drive, yang perlu anda lakukan pertama kali adalah mengaktifkan option "SHARE" pada file anda.
Ceklist file tersebut, klik kanan kemudian pilih "SHARE"

Sebuah jendela akan muncul, klik change (lihat gambar). Pilih Public on the web atau Anyone with the link.

Kemudian klik Save.

Jangan lupa untuk mengcopy link sharenya dan kemudian di paste di notepad.

Inilah code url-nya:

Ganti xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx dengan id file anda, contoh:
id berwarna hijau.

Jadi direct link file tadi adalah:


Namanya juga otomatis, tentunya lebih mudah dari yang manual, caranya?? langsung saja pergi ke situs Google Drive Direct Link Generator atau - Direct Permalink For Google Drive.
Lalu ikuti petunjuk di web site tersebut. Lebih mudah dan cepat.

OK semoga tips  CARA MEMBUAT LINK DOWNLOAD DARI GOOGLE DRIVE ini berguna bagi anda.



Sebentar lagi kita akan memperingati Hari Kesaktian Pancasila tahun 2014, peringatan Hari Kesaktian Pancasila diperingati setiap tanggal 1 Oktober. Dan kali ini, blog LILUKU akan berbagi dengan anda semua yang membutuhkan teks sambutan menteri Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan RI dalam rangka peringatan Hari Kesaktian Pancasila tahun 2014.

Link  download teks  sambutan menteri Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan RI dalam rangka peringatan Hari Kesaktian Pancasila tahun 2014 ada pada akhir artikel ini. Semoga teks  sambutan menteri Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan RI dalam rangka peringatan Hari Kesaktian Pancasila tahun 2014  ini berguna bagi anda.

Download sambutan menteri Pendidikan dan Kebudayaan RI dalam rangka peringatan Hari Kesaktian Pancasila tahun 2014 DISINI
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